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I’m An Analog Man In Digital World shirt

I’m An Analog Man In Digital World shirt - Limited edition

I’m An Analog Man In Digital World

What will the future be like in the digital world? It is hard to imagine. New applications always disturb the IT industry every week. However, experts predict the spectacular development of the Internet, which will eventually connect not only people but also objects close to and even within us. "Today, autonomous computers around the world are 15 to 20 times more powerful than computers that interact with humans," Berry explained. For example, the latest models have more than 80 microprocessors used to control everything from braking to burning fuel. "Today, hundreds of billions of processors scattered around us are not connected to each other. In the future, they will be connected to each other and create new applications. Such as routes. The road will connect with our vehicles to notify speed limits, warn of traffic congestion, or track all roads to avoid accidents. "

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